Friday 13.10.


12 am 
We open the doors

1 pm
Official opening of Zgrappa with a speech by the organizer Marin Levaj.

3 pm
Lecture: Production of top-quality plum pretzels by smaller individual producers in Croatia
Prof. Dr. Ninoslav Nikičević, full professor at the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, retired, in evaluation commissions since 1984, since 2000. president of many commissions, and since 2006 president of all commissions for sensory evaluation of the quality of strong alcohols. beverages in Serbia and Republika Srpska. Member of the international commission for sensory quality assessment, member of the international commission in Ljubljana (Gospodarsko rastavisće, EU, member of the international commission in Zagreb (EU) within CroSpirit, president of the commission in Sofia (EU). Author of two university textbooks, outstanding monographs of national importance and 6 monograph. From 2008 to 2023, he held 9 four-month training courses for producers of fruit and other brandies. He is a great supporter of the protection of the geographical origin of plum toast from Serbia, at the international level. In the period 1990-2009, he was a member and president of all commission for adoption of the draft, Law, Rule book for strong alcoholic beverages in the RS. He is now a member of the commission for monitoring the production and placement of Serbian fruit brandies on foreign markets. 

4 pm
Announcement of the winner of the 5th Crospirit

– international evaluation of brandies, liqueurs and gins organized by Gospodarski list, the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and the Faculty of Food and Biotechnology in Zagreb.

4.30 pm

Workshop: Krešimir Kostelac, company Fructus, Incanto brand – tasting of all products.
Mensa is an international organization with only one condition for membership – a score on a standardized IQ test higher than 98% of the population. Mensa RH held an assembly in Zagreb where the master distiller, Krešimir Kostelac, became a member of the presidency. This basketball player with a height of over two meters rightfully holds the title of the tallest among distillers and producers of brandy and liqueurs.

The company Fructus specializes in the production of fruit wines and liqueurs, and they do not use any additives, and all products are completely natural. Brand Incanto (lat. to enchant, to bewitch) is the name of an exclusive collection of fruit wines and liqueurs. The combination of high quality and luxurious and superbly designed packaging make this collection truly attractive as a gastronomic product, but also as a unique gift. Numerous awards for quality, design and innovation from various world fairs and competitions are just proof that Incanto is a combination of top results from the aforementioned fields. Here we will hear everything and taste every product in one place.

Pink ZGrappa by Ženski Recenziraj

6 pm

Workshop: Dario Grabarić: Basics of techniques for tasting and evaluating strong drinks
In the workshop, we will master the basics of recognizing, interpreting and understanding aromas and textures along with their context in the overall assessment of the quality of strong alcoholic beverages. We will taste examples selected specifically for this workshop. All this with the professional guidance of Dario Grabarić, educator and consultant, head of The Spirits Forensics project and the first Croatian holder of the WSET Level 3 Award in Spirits. 

8 pm
After party with Planet Groove Band and DJ Ozren Kanceljak

8 pm
Brandy Pairing in the Balon restaurant


Saturday 14.10.


12 am 
We open the doors

1 pm
Lecture: How to really enjoy brandy?
Ivan Urošević, TOK distillery.
This director of the TOK distillery and expert advisor for as many as 6 significant distilleries in Serbia is coming to Zagreb to give an interesting lecture. How to drink responsibly, which food goes well with which distillate, what is the role of sports in everything, hydration and other important details will help us in a deeper understanding of this traditional drink. Education is important, especially educated consumers, because of which producers have to raise the quality of their products.

2 pm
Lecture “Product branding for domestic and foreign markets”
Dražen Perković, MDM Perković distillery
Description of brandy and liqueur production (medium-sized from 50 to one hundred thousand liters per year, logistical requirements and legal norms related to excise duties on alcohol. Placement of products on the domestic and foreign markets, market requirements, specificities of the domestic and foreign markets. Influence of design on sales. Basic prerequisites in creating a new product and its design.

3 pm
Pink ZGrappa by Ženski recenziRaj

3.30 pm
Dr. Tanja Jurin, lecture:
“How much is too little and how much is too much?”
Today, there is significantly more debate than ever about how much sex is too little sex and how much is too much. A lack or complete absence of sexual desire on the one hand or a strong urge (hyper sexuality, sexual addiction or whatever) on the other. Sexual desire and interest varies among people, but the question arises as to which variations we consider problematic and which “normal”. We are used to or brought up that a lot of things in sex are shameful, and we often feel guilty, especially if we think that what we want and how much we want deviates from our idea of how and how much others do it. This is precisely why we open this topic to better understand what sexual desire is, what happens when we have a little of it and what happens when we have too much of it.

Tanja Jurin is a psychologist, assistant professor at the Department of Health and Clinical Psychology, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. She specialized in clinical psychology and obtained a PhD in clinical psychology. He deals with the field of sexuality in a research, educational and advisory capacity. It explores the topics of sexual desire, sexual satisfaction and well-being, and sexual disorders and disorders. She designed and teaches the Psychology of Sexuality course. In addition to teaching and research engagement, she was educated in the field of sexual therapy and, in addition to counseling and therapeutic work with people with mental disorders, deals with the treatment of people seeking help for sexual problems. She is a member of the Croatian Society for Sexual Therapy.

5 pm
prof. Ph.D.Sc. Marin Mihaljević Žulj
Lecture + workshop: “The most common flaws in our brandies and how to recognize them”
Do you know how to distinguish bad brandy from good? Or as she goes: “have you ever tried bad brandy? Yes I am. And what was she like? Good!”. Let’s learn to distinguish the basic mistakes that occur in brandies due to improper alcoholic fermentation, distillation or typification… The lecture and workshop will include practical and theoretical aspects of the production of fruit brandies.

6.30 pm
Tasting of Silvio Carta products from Sardinia

8 pm
After party with La PaPa Band and DJ Bizzo Bodega