ZGrappa is...a festival, a party, a study, a fair, a workshop, a party, an education, a gastronomic event, a bar, a hohcajt, a party, snobbery, foiling, brainstorming, tasting, going out, clubbing and everything else that combines a quality drop and a glass. conversations. A unique place where we create a scene for a traditional drink that has united all the countries of the region for hundreds of years. From the old Illyrians and slightly younger Slavs, through princes and kings, to Tin Ujević and Arsen Dedić, the inhabitants of these areas have always enjoyed brandies and liqueurs! Centuries of tradition have allowed us to treat ourselves with herbal medicine, console ourselves with grapevines, and sweeten with mead. The name for such a refreshment comes from the Latin word 'grappapolis' or bunch of grapes and will arrive in Zagreb on October 13th and 14th 2023.

We connect brandy producers with regional distributors, restaurateurs and consumers. We encourage all of them to exchange experience, learn and share new production, sales and marketing trends in brandy and liqueur production. Everyone will have the opportunity to taste different types, contract cooperation, and some will learn and encourage themselves to at least make their own brandy at home, as well as learn how to use brandy in gastronomy, combine it with dishes and desserts, or how to use it in making cocktails. What we guarantee that everyone will learn is to choose and recognize quality products. All this at numerous workshops, panels and lectures organized throughout the two days of the festival.

Of course not. Zgrappa is a party, and a party is not complete without good music. DJ performances, two big afterparties on both days of the festival that are open to everyone. Bands Planet Groove, LA Papa and DJs Ozren Kanceljak and Bizzo will perform.

So you can choose a one-day festival ticket, the price of which is 26 Euros in advance, and 35 Euros on the days of the festival. The price of that ticket includes unlimited tasting of brandy from all exhibitors at the festival. At the entrance you will receive a festival glass for which you pay a deposit of 7 Euros. You keep the glass, if you don't break it or lose it on the way out of the festival, you get the deposit back. With a one-day festival ticket, you also get entry to the afterparty, which starts at 8 p.m. after the festival day.

A two-day festival ticket is 44 Euros in advance, on the day
festival 53 Euros.

The ticket only for the evening party from 8 p.m. is 5 Euros. Tasting is then over, but there is a large selection of all kinds of drinks at the main bar.

A fine dining course dinner followed by a series of new brandy flavors is available for 85 Euros per person. Dinner is at Restaurant Balon, which you need to contact to reserve a place.

About a hundred producers and distributors of brandy will present themselves at the festival. In addition to local brandies, customers will be able to taste brandies from foreign producers from Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria... You will be able to buy brandies that delight you the most at the festival at festival prices in our pop up store.

We are the Dixi agency behind Mojo bar in the center of Zagreb, Pri Nami bar in the even stricter center of Zagreb, Crossover festival in Ribnjak park, Spring Wine Fest, music program at Advents in Zrinjevac and Tomislavac and so on and so forth. We are experienced, persistent, we like to work hard and party even harder. Nothing is impossible and there is no such thing as no for an answer.

There is no festival in the whole of Croatia that would unite producers, distributors, restaurateurs and, of course, consumers. And while some other branches of gastronomy have established their paths to success a long time ago, there is a whole universe of possibilities for rakijas. Let's open it together.

You can bring your own glass, and it is easier to pay a deposit (7 Euros) at the entrance for a specially designed glass for maximum enjoyment of drinks. If you are careful, you will keep the glass whole and return it when you go out and get your 7 euros back. Unless you lose it or break it. 

Once you've entered and collected your glass, you have the whole day ahead (from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.) to enjoy the exhibitors who will be happy to pour you each of their products. One brandy or liqueur at a time, as far as you can go. We advise responsible tasting, there is no shame in spitting in the provided 'spits', and it is good to take a break here and there with a snack and a lot of water. In addition to brandy tasting, there are also lectures by top experts. For example, prof. Marin Mihaljević Žulj from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb will hold a lecture on the topic 'How to recognize bad brandy and examples thereof'. There are also concerts and DJ performances. Food and relaxation zone. And we will come up with another trick before the start.

One of the lectures is entitled: "How to drink a liter of brandy and stay sober?". Yes, it is possible to taste brandies and not wake up with a horse. It takes a grain of common sense, moderation, a little food and a lot of water. Maybe some coffee.

Then you will walk to our pop up store and buy it, because most of the brandies on display will be in the store at promotional festival prices.

Of course, and as we have already said, in the Balon restaurant there will be a pairing of brandy with food in courses. A proven method when it comes to wines and craft beers, but this type of pairing will take place for the first time in our homeland.

The smartest thing would be to come by taxi, specifically with Uber. We do not recommend coming by car! But if you really insist, there is a huge parking lot next to Boćarski dom, where you will definitely be able to find it easily and quickly the day after the festival.